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The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM),founded on November 26,1956 is a legal entity and nonprofit academic organization concerned with the advancement of science and technology in metallurgical industry and materials science and engineering in China and is also an organization of Chinese scientists and engineers in these fields. CSM is a member of the China Association of Science and Technology.
The mission of CSM is to promote the development and advancement of metallurgy and materials science and engineering, popularization of metallurgy and materials science and engineering knowledge, to promote the growth and raising professional levels of scientific and technical talents and has the broad goals of integrating metallurgical and materials science tech-nology with Chinese economic development. CSM serves for scientists and engineers and protects their legal rights in the fields of metallurgy and materials science engineering.

Currently the membership of CSM comprised more than 100, 000 individuals, 114 group members from all over the country. Nine working committees, and 33 professional institutes operate directly under the CSM Board of Directors. Under the direction of CSM Headquarters 31 local branches have been established thought out the provinces, autonomous regions etc. in China. The Seventh CSM Board of Directors contains 192 members; Standing Committee of Board of Directors contains 73 members.

CSM manages a variety of science and technology activities on the important topics in the fields of metallurgy and materials science and engineering. CSM Annual Meeting, Ironmaking, Steelmaking, Continuous Casting, Steel Rolling and Environmental Protection Technical Conferences are the largest meetings among these activities. CSM and its Professional Institutes hold 19 periodicals and journals and also organize to publish a variety of technical books, proceedings, handbooks and publications for continuing education and scientific popularization.

CSM is an important channel for international liaison and technical exchange and has wide connecting with world societies and has signed bilateral and multiparty agreements with the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and Indian etc. societies. CSM organizes international conferences and exhibitions in China every year and forms technical delegations to abroad for technical exchange and cooperation.

Chinese Society for Metals cooperates with China Iron and Steel Association to issue Metallurgical Science & Technology Awards.

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