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Senior Member

Terms of the member:

Individuals with the qualification of senior engineer, associate professor and associate
researcher or with great achievements and with one of the following terms:

1. Metallurgical experts and managers with important contributions in academic, engineering or
technical fields or a great deal of practical experience.

2. With national or provincial awards of technical progress, innovation and natural science.

3. Directors of the Society, special committees and local branch and individuals participating in
society work for more than 5 years and with great contribution to the Society.

Rights and Obligations

1.Conforming to the CSM constitution;

2.Right to suffrage and to be suffraged;

3.Right to make suggestion and criticize;

4.Preferential participating in the student activities;

5.Receiving in preference materials and information;

6.Implementing decisions and completing the works appointed by the Society;

7.Actively supporting and engaging in the activities organized by the Society;

8.Receiving service provided for senior member;

9. Paying membership fees according the regulation.


1. Submitting application

2. To be introduced by the Society, special committee local branch or by two senior members

3. To be approved by the Society

4. Receiving certificate issued by the Society.

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