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Personal Member

Terms of the member

1. Metallurgical scientists and technologists with the qualification of engineer, lecturer and
assistant researcher and other professionals with appropriate level;

2. Skilled workers with technological achievements;

3. Leaders who engage in metallurgical management work and enthusiastically support the work of
the Society.

Rights and Obligations

1. Conforming to the CSM constitution;

2. Right to suffrage and to be suffraged;

3. Right to make suggestion and criticize;

4. Preferential participating in the student activities;

5. Receiving in preference materials and information;

6. Implementing decisions and completing the works appointed by the Society;

7. Actively supporting and engaging in the activities organized by the Society;

8. Paying membership fees according the regulation.


1. Submitting application;

2. To be introduced by two CSM members;

3. To be approved by the local CSM branch;

4. To be put on the record of the Society;

5. Receiving the certificate issued by the Society.

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