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Book Price: $1065
If you would like to place an order, please fill in the order sheet online and then the invoice will be send to you accordingly. The book will be delivered to you once the payment is completed.
1. Package A and Package C will be sent out via post, marked prices for each package include DHL delivery fee of US$66. If the postal address is in Beijing, delivery fee can be deducted. Package B will be sent out via email, if postal order is requested, US$66 willbe added to the marked price.

2. China Steel Yearbook 2006 to 2013 are all available,we offer overall 20% discount for any order of more than 3 items.


China Steel Development and Research Institute (CSDRI) is proud to represent China Steel Yearbook 2013.

CSDRI is a thinktank under the administration of State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of China and China Iron and Steel Association (CISA). The China Steel Yearbook has been the only official chronological publication concerning Chinese steel industry since 1985, its English version comes out in 2006 and quickly becomes the most reliable handbook for steel producers, industry experts, academics worldwide. The 2013 Yearbook not only contains Chinese steel industry's complete performance in 2012 with detailed data, such as production and consumption by steel products, by raw materials, by regions, imports and exports, and market prices, but also provides insights about industry related policies, technology progress, major events in key Chinese steel producers, including managerial appointments, completed and planned production capacity growth, M&A movements and etc.

The China Steel Yearbook provides three packages:

A. Hardcopy USD565 (include international DHL delivery fee)


C. Hardcopy +PDF + Excel Data USD1065 (include international DHL delivery fee)

The China Steel Yearbook 2013 order form and contents are both enclosed for your information. We urge to you to place your place your order on the Yearbook 2013 today.

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